Sunday, September 14, 2014

Signs of Age

Charmaine snips away at my hair, combing, gathering, clipping the unruly ends. I can see, in the mirror, the coarse, shorter, curly white hairs on my head sticking out at odd angles from the wet mass of the sleeker dark ones. Another sign of age.

"You can buy a house," Charmaine continues, still cutting, "if you're willing to move out of the neighborhood."

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Teddy's "Rescue"

The dog that we thought was abandoned in front of the Food Co-op was only temporarily forgotten, and he has a family after all, and a name: "Teddy."

"We've got a newborn, and we're both operating on, like, zero sleep, so...," Teddy's owner says as he picks him up from our apartment where he spent the afternoon. The man's wearing a polo shirt that's got Freddy Kruger's green and red stripes, and the bags under his eyes reinforce his words.

"Well, my birthday's already passed, but on my next birthday," the little boy with Teddy's owner says, "on my next birthday, can you please come and I'll share my cupcakes with you?"

Friday, September 12, 2014

It Was Totally Different

"I think I experienced your four-a-day," Katie says, standing in the kitchen. She is rinsing out a small plastic spray-bottle, overfilling it under the tap until the soapy water in it runs clear.

"I came out of the liquor store," she begins, "and there was this woman in front of me."

 "Oh and she...," I interrupt, and then immediately stop myself, because I'm thinking of something that happened to me, and I need to listen to what she's saying here, in this moment, which might be totally different.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Not a Good Fit

"Well, if you really wanted me to direct it, then it would have to be my way," I say to the woman who usually just orders me around at my job. She's asking me to help direct a choir of my co-workers (which I used to do at another job) at the last minute before a company event next Thursday.

"I would have them do one song, not parts of three different ones," I continue, "and everybody would at least be holding a lyric sheet, and there would be NO solos."

"Don't forget the rap at the end," she says, smiling as if this is the best idea she's ever heard.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Slipped My Mind

"Ship without a rudder's like a ship without a rudder's like a ship without a rudder...," I sing, clicking away at the spreadsheet I'm creating. 

"Really, dude? With the singing?" my co-worker finally begs, looking over.

I hunch slightly in my chair, chastised.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

They Ran Out of "I Voted" Stickers

The school gym echoes emptily as I sign my name beneath the facsimile of my signature in the voter registration book and take my ballot from the woman staffing the table. Not a single other name on my page is similarly undersigned.

"Not a lot of action today, huh?" I ask.

"Oh, we had a lot earlier, I heard," she replies.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Blue Flavored

She fishes in the bowl for a piece of the salt-water taffy I brought back from the beach.

"What flavor do you think blue is?" she asks, unwrapping the paper encasing it.

"It's blue flavored," I say as she pops it in her mouth and walks away without responding.

"Blue flavored!" I call after her.